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Boston Herald (06/09/2005), Henley and Nicks Soar Together on Concert Tour

Boston Herald, June 9, 2005

Henley and Nicks soar together on concert tour
by Sarah Rodman

It was a meeting of two great classic rockers, the mystic and the cynic, last night at the Tweeter Center.
As the respective superstars from the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac, it seems odd that Don Henley and Stevie Nicks had never teamed up for a tour before.
But the Eagle and the Nightbird made up for lost time by taking wing for a splendid three-hour performance.
As he's proven in recent Eagles outings, Henley has barely shaved a note off of his impressive vocal range. Although he seemed to occasionally struggle with power during his smart hour-and-15-minute performance, he never wavered with pitch or control. He hit shiver-inducing high grace notes on the sinister bump and grind of "Witchy Woman,'' the elegant "Heart of the Matter'' and crowd favorite "Boys of Summer.''
The set list was more like a hit list as he whipped through the still sadly prescient rocker "Dirty Laundry,'' the mournful "End of the Innocence'' and a white-hot "Life in the Fast Lane.'' To thunderous applause - the two-thirds capacity crowd seemed to slightly favor Stevie - Nicks joined her one-time paramour for duets of "Hotel California,'' "New York Minute'' and "Last Worthless Evening'' and their salt and sandpaper vocals were a warm match and helped inject new fire into the familiar songs. (And, at 57, they both looked great.)
Nicks cheekily played the "Edge of Seventeen'' sampling ‘’Bootylicious’’ as an intro to her equally strong performance. While less hit-packed - and featuring some generous but time-sucking guitar and drum solos to cover her costume changes - Nicks pleased the faithful with solid vocal turns on the gauzy "Rhiannon,'' the emotional piano ballad "Beauty and the Beast'' and a truly scintillating "Stand Back.'' Henley returned the favor in her set joining in Nicks-Tom Petty stomper "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around.''
The duo closed out the night with a note-perfect rendition of their 1981 hit ballad "Leather and Lace'' that found Nicks teasingly cooing "take from me my lace'' and Henley sheepishly declining. It was a sweet moment that brought a beautiful evening of camaraderie to a warm close.

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