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Boston Herald (06/08/2005), Eagle flies with nighbird < Stevie Nicks < Main Page

Boston Herald (06/08/2005), Eagle flies with nighbird

Boston Herald, June 8, 2005

Eagle flies with nightbird
By Sarah Rodman

Don Henley is nothing if not a gentleman.
When asked in what order he and "Two Voices'' tourmate Stevie Nicks would perform at their co-headlining show at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield tonight, Henley laughs.
"I'm going to go first every night,'' he says, "because there are certain things that she has to have.''
Those include, but are not limited to, special lighting, time for costume changes and the proper performing temperature.
"I'm just a guy,'' Henley says. "Guys don't mind sweating. I'm just going to go first and that will make my life a lot simpler.''
The charming Eagles frontman and Fleetwood Mac's witchy woman, both 57, have long been friends - and more in the mid-'70s. They even scored a hit duet in 1981 with "Leather and Lace.''
What songs will they sing together on tour?
Speaking by phone from Dallas, Henley chuckles.
"We've already exchanged lists. Now we're in the process of arguing about it.''
Following his stint with Nicks, Henley hopes to begin work on an album of new American standards by the likes of Leonard Cohen and Randy Newman.
Then he'll hit the road again with the Eagles in August. If you're waiting for that long-promised new Eagles album, Henley has some advice: Don't hold your breath.
"I don't know if that's ever going to come to fruition,'' he says. "It used to be frustrating, but I had to adopt a more Zenlike position or tear my hair out.''

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