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Fleetwood Mac Interview (Circus Magazine March 31, 1981)
Fleetwood Mac Leaves its Stormy Past Behind By Richard Hogan Circus Magazine, March 31, 1981   “This probably sounds like a real spoiled brat, me telling you this,...
Last Modified: 1981-03-31 Number of views: 2382
Christine McVie Interview Montreal Gazette 11-22-1978
Fleetwood Mac's Christine On love and live By DANAE BROOK Special to The Gazette   The Montreal Gazette, Thursday, November 22, 1978, p.55   HOLLYWOOD - Chr...
Last Modified: 1978-11-22 Number of views: 2417
FM Interview, Hit Parade Magazine, April 1980
Fleetwood Mac Tell New York About Tusk Hit Parader Magazine, No. 189, April, 1980   “It certainly makes It easier for us to have you all at once rather than individual...
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Los Angeles Times, Out of the Cradle San Juan Capistrano
POP MUSIC REVIEW : Whatever You Call It, It Was a Triumph : Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham leaves enthusiastic Coach House fans wondering where he's been k...
Last Modified: 1994-12-12 Number of views: 1551
Fleetwood Mac 1975 Review
Mobile Blog - Blog - Given their monumental legacy, it’s hard to imagine that the so-called “classic edition” ...
Last Modified: 2010-11-06 Number of views: 2918
Waddy Wachtel Article: The Record, February 1983
THE RECORD Publisher: Marty Ostrow Vol. 2, No. 4 February, 1983   RX: Then Add Waddy Wachtel . . . By Dan Forte   “Waddy will show up at two places at the sa...
Last Modified: 1983-02-01 Number of views: 3280
Green in Glasgow, The Herald
The Herald, Glasgow HEADLINE: Happy to play the bluesBODY:DESK-BOUND in his London office a year ago, eminent musical historian Colin Larkin was surprised to receive addition...
Last Modified: 1996-10-11 Number of views: 3436
Halifax Daily News Review SYW (Nova Scotia)
HEADLINE: Fleetwood Mac: old and improvedBYLINE: RON FOLEY MacDONALDBODY:FLEETWOOD MAC SAY YOU WILL ***** (Reprise/Warners) - It seems no big-selling band can resist the comme...
Last Modified: 2003-05-08 Number of views: 3093
LB Interview with Halifax Daily News (Nova Scotia) 2007
April 15, 2007 SundayHEADLINE: Still going his own wayBYLINE: Bernard Perusse, CanWest News ServiceBODY:If it's possible to be the architect of a band's sound and still seem...
Last Modified: 2007-04-15 Number of views: 3241
Australian Daily Telegraph, Dance Interview with FM
 HEADLINE: Mac back on trackSOURCE: MATPBYLINE: JOHN BEVERIDGEBODY:Fleetwood Mac recorded some of the biggest-selling albums of all time -and created enough emotional tur...
Last Modified: 1997-08-25 Number of views: 3092
Lawsuit Settled (Hollywood Reporter)
BODY:More than 20 years after he left Fleetwood Mac, singer Bob Welch settled a royalties lawsuit against his ex-bandmates, Warner Bros. Records and the group's former lawyer...
Last Modified: 1996-05-31 Number of views: 4732
Soundstage Dance Review, Hollywood Reporter
HEADLINE: Fleetwood MacWarner Bros. sound stageFriday, May 23BYLINE: Darryl MordenBODY:"Don't stop, thinking about tomorrow/Don't stop/It'll soon be here."Tomorrow is her...
Last Modified: 1997-05-27 Number of views: 3203
Time at the House of Blues 1995 (Hollywood Reporter)
HEADLINE: Fleetwood Mac;House of Blues, West Hollywood Sunday, Jan. 22BYLINE: John LappenBODY:Having been able to withstand a slew of personnel changes over the years, the cur...
Last Modified: 1995-01-24 Number of views: 3102
FM Sued Over Songs, Hollywood Reporter 1994
HEADLINE: Fleetwood Mac sued over songsBODY:Bob Welch, once a key member of the hugely successful rock band Fleetwood Mac, has filed a suit against members of the group and Wa...
Last Modified: 1994-03-03 Number of views: 3750
Hollywood Reporter Dance Concert Review (E. Rutherford)
HEADLINE: Fleetwood MacContinental Airlines Arena,East Rutherford, N.J.BODY:Tuesday, Sept. 30By Frank ScheckA group that hasn't toured together in 15 years has no right to so...
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